Information Graphics

November 12, 2013

Find one example of each of the following types of graphics. With each, include a couple sentences that explains why you think the graphic is or is not effective as a storytelling tool. Due April 11.

Bar Chart

Fever Chart

Pie Chart



Locator Map

Statistical Map

Active News Map

Active Diagram

Passive Diagram


Layout & Page Structure

October 3, 2013

On (or any other site/printed newspaper)  find examples two examples of good page structure and two examples of poor page structure. For each, write 2-4 sentences explaining why you think the designs are strong/weak.

These examples should all be front pages of newspapers.

Due Tuesday, Oct. 8.

Good Type Design

September 10, 2013

Find three examples of a type design that you think is awesome. Post them to your blog and write 2-3 sentences about what makes them so great. You MAY NOT use a Jessica Hische design.

Due Tuesday, January 29

Absolut Ad Campaign

September 10, 2013

Absolut’s new campaign focuses on urban Millennials with the theme: “Transform Today.”

Develop and design a series of print ads that offers YOUR take on this theme. Your campaign should include a magazine ad (8.5″ x 11″) and a billboard ad (9″ x 3″).

For more on the Absolut branding change, read this article:



Type Classifications

September 3, 2013

In newspapers, magazines, ads (or any other printed materials), find two examples of each of the following type races & categories:

Oldstyle Serif

Transitional Serif

Modern Serif

Grotesque Sans Serif

Geometric Sans Serif

Humanist Sans Serif




Square Serif

With each example, include a sentence that explains why you believe the example matches each category. This description is particularly important for the serif and sans serif examples. In other words, how do you think the example you have chosen meets the characteristics of that category/race? Due January 24, 2013

Basic Design Principles

January 10, 2012

Search for examples of the basic design principles in magazine advertisements. Your examples should be full-page ads only.

Post two examples for each of the seven basic design principles (14 total). With each example, include a one-two sentence caption that explains why you think it is a good example of the respective principle.

DUE: 8/27/13